ThenAgain is Bob Chambers:  Guitar/ Vocals and Cyril  Cianflone:  Bass/Vocals.  Bob and Cyril have played together for over 30 years and additionally have played with the following artists: Laura Nyro, Felix Cavaliere (of the Rascals), Carmine Appice (Vanillia Fudge and other artists) Eddie Money, Vinnie Vincent (Kiss, Vinnie Vincent Invasion), the Cowsills, and The Hard Chihuahuas.  ThenAgain lovingly brings forth the Everly Brothers musical gems to be enjoyed by all.  ThenAgain adds its own unique “live” rendition of the Everly classics by utilizing guitar and bass (instead of 2 guitars) without any other supporting instruments.  This enables the duo to offer a fuller, richer sound stripped down to the basics, while allowing an emphasis on their two-part harmonies.

ThenAgain pays tribute to the early Rock n Roll sounds of the Everly Brothers, known for their tight harmonies, catchy melodies and heart-felt lyrics.  The Everly’s had a profound influence on early Rock and Roll that can still be heard in present day Pop and Country music.  ThenAgain sings all the classics and much more, as they dig deep into the Everly catalog, covering little known gems like “Sleepless Nights” and “Don’t Ask Me To Be Friends”, songs you are very unlikely to hear anyone else performing.  But they don’t stop there.   ThenAgain not only delves into the Everly Brothers musical archive to bring forth lesser known gems that sound instantly familiar, but they touch on earlier works of artists like The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, to show the Everly influence on these artists earlier work as well.

The Everly Brothers music is classic “American Roots” music, and they were one of the first artists to have hit songs on the Pop, R&B and Country Music charts at the same time.   For a really great Bio on the Everly Brothers click on the link below to access a Rolling Stone article that offers real insight into this legendary duo.


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